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Some questions you may ask

What is RAP ? 
RAP is an independent advocacy organisation and a registered charity working with adults with learning disabilities.

What is advocacy?
Representing the views, wishes and interests of someone

What does Learning Disability mean ?
A reduced capacity to understand new or complicated information, learn new skills and cope independently.

What is involved ?
All volunteers receive induction training in Learning Disabilities and Advocacy.  RAP staff provide ongoing support to volunteers. A Police Records check is required.

Expenses are payable

Who can apply to be a RAP volunteer?

  • Anyone 
  • Who is over the age of 18
  • Who can give some time from their life to help someone with a learning disability
  • Who can give commitment

What can RAP volunteers do ?

  • Be advocates by linking 1-1 with someone with a learning disability.
  • Crisis Advocacy Work (short-term issues)
  • Be Homes Visitors
  • Help at Drop Ins
  • Be part of an organisation that works to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.